Thursday, September 01, 2005

A small Katrina win-win?

My agency, The Next Wave, has been looking for web-savy designer/ ad generalist. We’re a small creative firm in Dayton OH. I also have a spare bedroom- right across the street from the office. If there is anyone escaping Katrina who needs a place to stay- and a job, and they have the qualifications- I’m offering my room rent-free, and my office to you if you are displaced. If you owned a small agency and need a place to continue working- that’s fine too, my office can be your office. The position is posted at
I’m really not sure of how this will work, I just know that if this happened to me, I’d be grateful if someone was willing to make room and work for me. The only caveat is you have to like dogs and be a non-smoker.