Monday, August 22, 2005


The Lord works in mysterious ways.

My japanese exchange student Zatoichi-son was making toast very nicely for me this morning and he remarked that our brand new rivington toaster had a peculiar defect and that our toast had come out funny. he said it look like some planet of the apes, bathing ape, BAPE thing but i have no idea what he was talking about. he told me to put it on ebay because people apparently like those things and he said it was a miracle or "miraculous toast". i wanted to eat it so badly but he was very stern and steadfast about not consuming the toast and to put it on ebay. i don't know why he's making me put it in shoes section but he's the boss. his english is not so great so i have to do this. anyways enjoy the toast. i will keep it safe and sound and will not eat it. happy bidding, no reserve.


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