Friday, July 08, 2005

Neuville Interviews Eduardo Bertone

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An interview with one of the most talented artists of our times follows!

N| Your ID card - all about yourself. Describe yourself, your background, your neighbours, your work, your working environment, etc.
EB| I was born in Rosario (Argentina) in 1977. I always like drawing and I started studied graphic design when I finished the secondary school (1995). A couple of years latter I began to work in this field. Then I decided to moved to Spain (2000) where I started to work as art director till now. I also spend my time painting, drawing, taking photos... Some of my personal works have been published in several contemporary art/design magazines and visual projects around the world.

N| What’s your relationship with your environment and your city; what do you love and what would you change
EB| I live just next of Malasaña, it´s one of the neighbourhoods the most I like in Madrid. it has antique buildings, weird people, lots of urban art and it´s full of bars, good source of inspiration.

N| Graphics, design or art?
EB| There are many pieces of art that have only a commercial purpose, and many graphics or design pieces with a great artistic value. From my point of view, how do you call it is not important.

N| What are your sources of inspiration
EB| Urban art, other designers/artist, things that happen to you, things that you´d like to happen to you, cinema, music, many hours in internet...

N| What kind of materials do you use in making your job?
EB| Carton, felt-tip pens, aerosol, things that we use every day in the offices, synthetic painting, found stuff in the street, squared sheets... I like using materials witch are not in use conventional.

N| The best work you’ve done
EB| Some collages I publishes in IdN Magazine (v12n2: Sport Issue) for a FRAME about London. (

N| The worst work you’ve done
EB| Some of the works that I do to diary in the company I work.

N| Why that is the worst work.
EB| In the companies you have no time to raise something serious, often I am satisfied with the result, but most of the time is not enough to make something awkward. On the other hand in the multinational companies when you do something it has to pass for many steps before coming out, in this long stairs always there is a stupid guy waiting for throws you down.

N| Art or market?
EB| ART. Market is the dark side of the art.

N| If you were a food you were…? Can you design it for us?
EB| I think I where a salad, a lot of colored stuffs.

N| If you were a film you were…?
EB| All About Lily Chou Chou, I have nothing to do with Japan but It was one of the film that most I like, so, If I were a film I wish I were this one.

N| If you were a book you were…?
EB| “The end of Print” of David Carson. When I started in this field I saw this book, and it encouraged me to discover that the graphic design is not only a leaflet that bother you in the mailbox.

N| What are you listening just now, and what music do you listen while working
EB| Rigth now, Arcade fire. While I´m working: Medeski Martin & Wood (Combustication), James Taylor Quartet, Flanger, Dauerfisch, Tarwater, looper, Sparklehorses, Grandaddy, weezer, David Holmes, Portishead, Jay Jay Johanson (Whiskey)...

N| Right or Left?

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