Thursday, July 14, 2005

Coloribus - Advertising Collections

Two interesting sections, first is Ad Mirror.

— How often do you get to meet identical people?
— On a rare occasion if they are not twins.
— Is it possible that the same genius idea strikes different people at the same time?
— It is known to happen.
— Are there such cases in the world of advertisement?
— Yes, they’re all around us!

On these pages I’ll introduce you to a collection of ads using the same idea or image prepared by different agencies. I don’t presume these ads to be stolen or allege plagiarism — it almost never can be proven. The only people that know for sure are the authors themselves. So I’ll be only stating a fact of these mysterious coincidences."

Second is on the bottom of the site is Themeatic Ad Collections, with collections for Axe, PlayStation, Durex, Smirnoff...


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