Thursday, May 12, 2005

Smithsonian Global Sound

Having trouble finding that 1956 recording of that Azerbaijani Choir singing the Daghlar Daghestan Mountain song? You can look in iTunes all ya want, but Im telling you, its not there. You need to head over to The Smithsonian Institution's Global Sound project, click on Northern Africa, and hey what do ya know, its the first entry!

If you're inclined to browse a bit, you'll find recordings from all over the world, all over the genre spectrum and spanning pretty much the entire history of recorded music. You can search by geography, instrument and even cultural group, so if you're looking for some hot Bedouin tracks to add to your repetoire, now's your chance. Tracks are the now standard 99 cents a pop, and there are samples galore to listen to, guaranteeing to kill at least an hour at your desk.


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