Monday, May 23, 2005

Smart Music

Tracking down the loads of free MP3s offered up as promos by record labels can be quite the chore. This is why the gods of the internet have given us sites like Smart Music. Offering both compilations and an archive of individual tracks, Smart Music serves up the goods in a free and legal fashion.

Grow, the latest compilation (the 7th in a series that includes an all Ninja Tune Must Have), assembles "a fresh uplifting take on what was known in the 90's as New York City's experimental Ambient / Dub / Hip-Hop scene". You can even download the tracks independantly or as a zip file. Isnt that nice?

Dig deeper and you'll find more lovelies from the likes of Prefuse 73, Spoon, Bloc Party, Panthers, Lemon Jelly, The Postal Service, and the obligatory "much much more".


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