Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Passion & Fury | Neuville interviews Antigirl

N| Your ID card - all about yourself. Describe yourself, your
background, your neighbours, your work, your working environment...

A| I’m a girl in my early twenties and I am too busy to go to any art
shows around here, because I am usually working on art. My background
is pretty strange – two mother’s, one father, all under one roof. Weird
times. My boyfriend and I just got new neighbours. The last ones – our
favourite ones, got evicted about a month ago. They put up with
everything. I could be banging out lets into books and 100lb chipboard
at 1am and they didn’t care, that was good. My environments are all
chaotic, but I am a neat freak, so I need things to be clean and

N| What’s your relationship with your environment and your city; what do you love and what would you change?

A| I have lived in phoenix for the better part of my life. And I never
really cared or thought much about it, only the fact that I didn’t want
to live here forever. Now I am rethinking all of that stuff, right now
phoenix is having an urban renewal and it’s going quite well. So for
2005-2006, I have made it my personal goal to get a solo show here, and
than I’ll see if my boyfriend and I will stick around here. It’s going
well so far. I don’t think it’s going to be that much of a problem, but
I am just really interested in how Phoenix will take to my work.

N| Graphics, design or art?

A| It totally depends. I think for me, it is mostly art.

N| What are your sources of inspiration?
A| It’s not inspiration. That’s boring, if you depend on that to do
something, you have got something wrong. It’s about what you’re willing
to do when there is no inspiration at all. Get desperate.

N| The best work you’ve done
A| My current collection is the best work I have done and I hate that. Any
time I make something new it is the ‘best work’ I have done. I don’t
know if that’s because it actually is, or because I am closer to that

N| The worst work you’ve done
A| I have done a lot of bad work, even now. The current collection I did
has 12 pieces. I did probably, 25 to 30 to make those 12 pieces. I do a
lot of bad work. It’s all progression. Love the good and the bad.

N| Art or market?
A| The hustle is hollarin’.

N| If you were a food you were…? Can you design it for us?
A| Ahh. Food. Right now I am living off of star bucks and frustration and
b-12 tablets.

N| If you were a film you were…?
A| I don’t think this at all. But the two most important people in my life
ever constantly compare. Barfly.

N| If you were a book you were…?
A| One of my favorite books is 'a home at the end of the world'.

N| What are you listening just now, and what music do you listen while
A| Right now I listen to ‘it was a good day’ by ice cube. But normally I
listen to 2pac or common.

N| Right or Left?
A| A little of both.. I write horribly with both hands! My dad tied my
left hand behind my back when I was very young – he was old school

Antigirl has just had her first showing in her home city (Phoenix), and has recently realized some amazing lithographs: check out them on her website


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