Friday, May 13, 2005

All is well that is Blentwell

Mention online DJ archives and some people immediately think Trance, Glowsticks, and Pacifiers, and promptly shut down. Those people have never been to Compiling a blog-like list of DJ sets from all over the web, Blentwell sniffs out mix sets from that famous and non-famous alike, and manages to cover genres suchs as Dub, Hip Hop, Minimal, Soul, Mash-Up, and more. Please note that there are three "Dirty South" mixes linked from the front page, while you have to dig to even find mention of the word "trance". This is a good thing.


Anonymous Mr. Blentwell said...

Dearest Turd-

thanks for the link up.

yeah Mr. Blentwell is not too hot on trance these days. But we (*the royal we) are not genre snobs either, John Digweed recently had a pretty fresh mix on his KISS FM show that was available for download for a minute. And that would be classified as (gasp!) PROGRESSIVE TRANCE! Egads!

But hey if the beats are rocking dont be knockin...

over and out-

Mr. Blentwell

6/22/2005 06:51:00 AM  

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