Tuesday, April 26, 2005

V for Vendetta press conference

Q to Joel Silver: This movie is one of those big special effects monsters, can you talk a little bit about numbers; how much of the money will go into special effects? I see there is a big green screen over here that makes me think we can expect a lot of CGI.

The least you can do, as a journalist, is some research if you're going to a press conference. V for Vendetta is (or at least should be) a film about people. This is no Armageddon or any other michaelbayish crap! I just hope Joel Silver and all the other persons involved in this project don't fuck it up. But I can't picture a movie starring Natalie Portman being as revolutionary as Alan Moore's work is. Wish I'm wrong. These are not good times for stories like the one this amazing graphic novel tells. A story on freedom and how to get it...


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